Shine a Light Into the Dark

Shine a Light Into the Dark

Why do only 10% of pregnant women in rural Uganda see health care workers?

What prevents the mother from accessing medical care and preventative screening?

How could we make a difference while maintaining low costs?

The answer? Shine a light.

In Uganda, obtaining an ultrasound during pregnancy is next to impossible. The machines are far and few between, hard to access, difficult to use and prohibitively expensive.

On Sunday March 10, 2013, TO – the WORLD in collaboration with KIHEFO organized a clinic in the center of Kabale, Uganda.  Through radio broadcasts we advertised that we would be offering pregnant women free ultrasound scans of their unborn children.

Through generous supporters and their donations, TO – the WORLD was able to lend a portable ultrasound machine, supply equipment and provide financial assistance while KIHEFO organized all of the logistics.  They secured a partnership with USAID to supply HIV testing kits and anti-retro virals for any HIV+ women along with pre- and post-test counselors.  We purchased syphilis testing kits and organized a medical and dental clinic to provide the essential care that had, until this point, been missing in their pregnancy.

TO – the WORLD was only able to conduct one maternal health clinic day. However, because of our partnership with KIHEFO, along with their meticulous record-keeping, the pregnant mothers we saw will be able to follow up as needed and will hopefully present to a health center for delivery.

Through continued collaboration and support we hope to purchase a portable ultrasound to donate to KIHEFO so that they can conduct their own screening clinics, an essential component of our goal of creating sustainable infrastructure in the places we visit.

Collaboration, innovation, and sustainability.  Be a part of something bigger.